​​​GWClimate is a groundwater monitoring and modelling project which aims to investigate the impact of climate change on groundwater in Ireland. The data and analyses from this project will improve the national capacity to understand how groundwater resources respond to climatic stresses and enhance the reliability of planning and forecasting.


Climate change will play a major role in shaping Ireland's water resources and natural environment in coming decades. Extreme events such as flooding and droughts are likely to intensify and occur more often, posing significant risks to how groundwater is managed. Monitoring and early detection of these pressures is key to informing successful adaptation strategies to minimize adverse impacts. In this context, Geological Survey Ireland, in collaboration with the Institute of Technology Carlow has initiated a new project: GWClimate. This project will improve the national capacity to understand how groundwater resources may respond to climatic change and support scientifically-informed decision making in the groundwater sector. The Aims of the GWClimate project are the following:

  • Identify groundwater systems susceptible to climate change dynamics
  • Extend current national groundwater monitoring capacity to capture long-term dynamics with regard to climate change
  • Establish representative study sites capturing multi-scale dynamics
  • Interpret existing groundwater data and develop hydrological indices to assess long term groundwater trends.
  • Model future groundwater dynamics to improve understanding
  • Develop groundwater flood forecasting tools 


  Monitoring stations

  Close-up view of a monitoring station


Data from our growing monitoring network is available to view and download here: