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Groundwater Resources Assessment

Aims of the groundwater resources assessment

  • Develop an initial hydrogeological conceptual model for each catchment.
  • Using surface water catchments to access groundwater resources as internationally recognised management unit and have calibration point for all of the water in catchment.
  • Provide a basis for prioritising further investigation into groundwater resources in the east of Ireland.
  • Identify existing information which was not available for this report which would be useful for further analysis.
  • Identify information gaps which could be addressed by the GSI's Groundwater section by carrying out fieldwork.


  • Examine all relevant and available regional scale mapping and data to develop a conceptual understanding of the groundwater resources within the catchment.
  • Use relevant site specific monitoring data.
  • Use the conceptual understanding to divide the catchment into different hydrogeological zones.
  • Use results of assessment to prioritise areas for further investigations into the development of future groundwater resources and identify potential constraints.