Groundwater resource assessment reports

Groundwater resource assessment reports

Report structure of GSI's regional assessment of groundwater

Part A: Overview of catchment from regional mapping

This section includes an assessment of data available to describe the following elements:

Natural physical setting

Location, Topography, Surface water networks, Climate, Protected areas, Soils, Subsoils,

Groundwater vulnerability, Geology, Hydrogeology, Aquifer properties, Groundwater recharge

Anthropogenic setting

Drainage, Land use, Quantitative pressures, Qualitative pressures


Part B: Analysis of available site specific monitoring data and information

This section analyses the following site specific data and information:

Catchment climate

Rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, calculation of effective rainfall

Catchment surface water

Hydrometric data, Chemistry data, Biological data, WFD surface water body status

Catchment groundwater

Groundwater level, Groundwater quality, WFD groundwater body status

Part C: Assessment of potential groundwater resources

In part C we develop hydro conceptual models and water balance from Parts A and B to assess groundwater resources.


Part D: Potential constraints to future abstractions

Including assessment of impact of current abstractions
Using relevant WFD groundwater quantitative status tests including EPA QUBE assessments
Other considerations
Such as impact of climate change, protected areas, groundwater quality



Outputs from each report include:

  • Hydrogeological conceptual model
  • Water Balance

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