​​Minerals and their products are essential to modern-day living.  We need minerals because they are the essential raw materials for almost all goods we use.  They support the way we live today and the way we expect to live in the future as we address the many challenges facing society.  As we seek to produce minerals in a sustainable manner, the Geological Survey provides data, maps, interpretations and advice on matters related to minerals, their use and their development.  There is an old saying which says 'if it can't be grown it has to be mined' which remains true in today's rapidly changing world.  We explain the importance of minerals, why they are needed and connect everyday goods and objects to the raw materials which make them.

​​Our activities include the provision of Minerals information, representation at various bodies and working groups.

​Explore the data and maps compiled by the Minerals programme.

Explore the research initiatives taking place in the Minerals programme.



https://www.gsi.ie/en-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/Critical_Raw_Materials_Act_Comes_Into_Force.aspxCritical Raw Materials ActA new EU Regulation, the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA), has today come into effect in Ireland. It will ensure EU access to a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials, enabling Europe to meet its 2030 climate and digital objectives.22/05/2024 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/en-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/The_Institute_of_Geologists_of_Ireland_(IGI)_Release_CRMA_Factsheet.aspxThe Institute of Geologists of Ireland (IGI) Release CRMA FactsheetOn 23 May 2024, the new EU Regulation Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) came into effect in Ireland. You can read the press release concerning this event HERE.22/05/2024 23:00:00



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https://www.gsi.ie/en-ie/publications/Pages/New-article-in-J--of-Environemal-Psychology.aspxNew paper in the Journal of Environmental Psychology24/01/2024 00:00:00