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Geological Mapping

Geological Mapping

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Geological Mapping programme creates maps that depict the rocks and sub-soils of the onshore area of Ireland.  We collect new data by field surveying and borehole drilling, and combine them with existing mapping to produce map products at various scales and levels of complexity.  Our aim is a seamless, maintained, online data set of bedrock and subsoils geological mapping that is reliable, accessible and meets the requirements of all users. ​

The Geological Mapping Programme activities comprise Quaternary field mapping and Bedrock data compilation, maintaining the national geotechnical database, drilling and answering public enquiries.

Explore the data and maps compiled by the Geological Mapping Programme.

Research within the Geological Mapping Programme mainly contributes to improving the understanding of the geology of Ireland.
We also participate in European geoscience research projects and initiatives where Irish interests are concerned.
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