Where We Work

GSI Activity Map 2021

​​​We compile an activity map every year to highlight where our programmes will be carrying out work.

Download 2021 Activity Map

The relevant programmes pages (Programme name-Project name) are listed below for further information about specific projects or mapping areas of interest.

ProgrammeProject (redirect to dedicated page)
Groundwater & GeothermalGeoERA projects
​Groundwater & Geothermal​Catchment Care
​Groundwater & Geothermal​Groundwater Monitoring Sites
​Geological MappingBedrock Mapping​
​Geological MappingQuaternary Mapping
​Geological Mapping​Landslide Project with NPWS
GeoheritageCounty Audits (Limerick & Cork)
​Geoheritage​UNESCO Global Geoparks
​GeoheritageJoyce Country and Western Lakes Geopark
​MineralsMinerals Prospectivity Mapping
​MineralsHistoric Mine Site​s (Mintell4EU)
​TellusAirborne Geophysical Survey​ (A8 and A9)
​TellusGround Geochemistry Survey (G7, G8, G9)
​Marine and Coastal UnitINFOMAR Survey Areas
​Marine and Coastal UnitCHERISH Project Areas