Geophysics Equipment

Geophysics Equipment

In-Situ Soil Permeability Measurements RADON-JOK

The equipment produced by Radon V.O.S based in the Czech Republic is a portable system for the measurement of in-situ gas permeability of soils.

The equipment allows the GSI to map variations in permeability within the wide range of soil and glacial till deposits across Ireland, useful to groundwater and land mapping sections. The instrument has also been used for investigation into radon gas emissions and the data has been incorporated into radon risk maps.


Figure 1: Soil Permeability in use as part of Radon investigation field work in County Meath

ARES II Resistivity and Induce Polarization tomography Equipment

This equipment produced by GF Instruments from the Czech Republic is a flexible instrument which collects ground resistivity and induced Polarization (IP) measurements. Data can be collected using a variety of array types with investigation depth and resolution dependant on electrode spacing and total profile length.

This equipment is currently used by the GSI to investigate near-surface (upper 50m) features in particular glacial / geomorphological features such as eskers, dolines and gravel deposits as well as helping to map aquifer characteristics, depth to bedrock and transitions zone to calibration and follow on investigation of ground anomalies identified from airborne electromagnetic surveys.

Figure 2: Cable and control unit of ARES II resistivity and Ip system


Figure 3: ARES II system in use

Terraplus KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility instrument

This hand held instrument produced by Terraplus Inc from Ontario Canada allows measurements of magnetic susceptibility and electrical conductivity to be made from rock samples either in-situ or from samples or drill cores.

This equipment will allow the GSI to catalogue physical properties of rock samples from across the country.

Figure 4: Terraplus KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility instrument