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GSI Equipment Call 2021 - items funded

​In 2021 GSI launched a funding call for small scale research equipment (from €5,000 to €25,000). Funds could be used to purchase new equipment or to upgrade existing facilities. 

Funding was awarded in late 2021 and the installations were completed by late 2022. Awards included: 

  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for the characterisation of geologic and environmentally-relevant materials and rocks
  • Polishing system for laser ablation ICP-MS and SEM samples (pucks/mounts)
  • The Irish Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility (ICNF): Growing Ireland’s capacity for cutting-edge cosmogenic nuclide geochronology
  • Raising capability to determine the carbonate chemistry of Aquatic systems
  • Pb-210 alpha counter
  • The first dedicated visualisation workstation for ‘virtual geoscience’ in Ireland
  • Enhancement of Environmental Geoscience Lab
  • Expansion of ICARUS Palaeo Research laboratory

You can find more information on each item and details on how to access the equipment here.