Open Calls

GSI PostDoctoral Fellowships

GSI will fund Postdoctoral Fellowships for a maximum of two years, up to €75,000 per year. GSI fellows are expected to push the boundaries in their area of expertise. The theme for this call is;

The role of geoscience in addressing climate change and managing our natural resources
The aim of the Fellowships is to address key scientific questions, build capacity, increase research impact and strengthen geoscience research teams in Ireland. It is expected that the research outputs will be of use to the GSI, the wider research community and other relevant stakeholders.
Research Topics
The GSI will support projects specifically related to the following areas;
  • Geothermal: De-risking exploration of the subsurface for geothermal heat /energy production
  • Tellus: Novel methods to understand and improve soil health (must include the use of Tellus data)
  • Tellus: The use of geoscience data to support mineral prospectively mapping (must use Tellus geophysics / geochemistry data)  
  • Marine geoscience: Modelling sea level change in Ireland
  • Groundwater: Assessing and understanding changes in groundwater quality/quantity
  • Geology: Modelling the Pre-Carboniferous basement of Ireland as a structural template and source of metals (GSI data and corestore holdings should be utilised)
  • Earth Observation: Novel use of satellite and remotely sensed data for geoscience mapping and monitoring
  • Minerals: The application of machine learning techniques in the mineral exploration
  • Palaeoclimate/climate: Use of geological materials in addressing climate change
  • Geohazards: Monitoring of groundwater or landslip processes affecting infrastructure; towards real time warning systems

GSI Griffith Awards

The aim of the GSI Griffith Geoscience Awards is to provide teaching cover and support to allow excellent researchers to pursue novel research ideas and advance pioneering scientific discoveries. It is expected that the research outputs will be ambitious; projects moving into new areas of research or developing new synergies with other disciplines/area of expertise will be prioritised. Proposals should include either proof of concept studies for a novel and innovative research idea or application of existing expertise in a new area of research.
Ultimately the outputs should help build expertise and capacity, increase research impact and improve the quality and sustainability (through diversification) of geoscience research in Ireland.

It is envisaged that all research funded under the Griffith Geoscience Awards will lead to an extended programme of research and development in the areas funded. It is also expected that the research to be undertaken is not currently being funded by other research funding agencies (either due to exclusion of the specific topic or the high risk/high gain nature of the research).
The GSI aims to support groundbreaking research in the following areas;
  • Geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Geophysics
  • Geohazards
  • Remote sensing and Earth Observation
  • Earth resources (including water)
  • Marine geoscience
  • Artificial Intelligence/machine learning for geoscience data