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GSI Targeted Project - Construction Materials

GSI Targeted Project - Pyrite/mica in construction materials

GSI, in collaboration with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, invites proposals to improve our understanding of the effects of:

Topic 1: Excessive amounts of pyrite and/or muscovite mica in concrete blocks

Topic 2: Excessive and/or reactive pyrite in sub-floor fill

This research will support evidence-based decision making for policy-makers and standardisation bodies.

In order to reduce the level of unknown risks which may be present in structures affected by these deleterious materials, this research is intended to assist the technical advancement of relevant standards.

Up to four (4) separate projects may be funded to a maximum of €50,000 each. Applicants may apply for more than one project. Successful projects must meet objectives and criteria defined.


Full details and call documents are available for download


Funding available: €50,000 per project

Duration: maximum 18 months

Closing date for applications: 1 April 2021, 1pm

Submission process: Full applications to be submitted by email to the GSI Research Office (see above Terms and Conditions).