Tellus County Maps

Tellus County Maps

​​​Tellus County Maps are a series of high quality maps, each focusing on a specific county within Ireland. These maps are made using geophysical data, which is readily accessible at no cost on our site. 

Every month, we release maps that display magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric data. Magnetic maps are useful for exploring deep geological features, while electromagnetic maps are good at showing the boundaries between different soils and rocks, and radiometric maps provide an excellent view of the extent of peatland. The downloadable maps also incorporate a satellite base map featuring elevation data and hill shading.

Keep an eye on our updates to see if your county will be featured next! Links for map downloads can be found below.

Geological maps are available here for comparison. (PDF)

​Small PNG
​Medium PNG
​High quality PNG
Sligo Magnetics
Link 6MB
​Link 20MB
Link 63MB
​Sligo Electromagnetics

Link 6MB
Link 19MB
Link 55MB
​Sligo Radiometrics

Link 4MB
Link 11MB
Link 33MB
​Wexford Magnetics

Link 5MB
Link 21MB
Link 59MB
​Wexford Electromagnetics

​​Link 6MB
Link 21MB
Link 59MB
​Wexford Radiometrics

​​Link 5MB
​​Link 18MB
​​Link 48MB
​Cavan Magnetics

Link 8MB
Link 28MB
Link 82MB
​Cavan Electromagnetics

Link 8MB
Link 28MB
Link 81MB
​Cavan Radiometrics

Link 8MB
Link 25MB
Link 69MB