Urban Geology

Urban Geology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Urban geoscience activities are carried out across a number of programmes within Geological Survey Ireland. We aim to build on the insights gained from the GeoUrban, Sub-Urban and SURGE projects and to provide data that can assist in delivery of National Strategic Outcomes (Project Ireland 2040) and realization of Sustainable Development Goals.

We produce urban geoscience data on a project basis, informing areas of soil geochemistry and contamination and assessing ground motions that present a hazard to citizens in the urban environment. GSI also provide map packages, viewers and databases that help characterise ground conditions and de-risk planning and development. Our 3D geological models are a useful tool for comprehending the urban subsurface too. GSI's climate action work is carried out across Ireland but is also equally relevant to urban areas and their communities. As part of the Coastal Vulnerability Mapping Initiative, GSI has modelled potential flooding areas in Dublin using sea level rise projections and this example offers visualisation and modelling of the anticipated effects of climate change and the earth system processes involved. Such outputs are of benefit to our partners and stakeholders in planning, resource management and advisory services. 

​The Urban geology program participates and assists in a wide range of activities within the UGEG group to highlight the importance of the geology in the urban settings.


​Explore the data and maps compiled by the Urban Geology Program.

​Explore the research initiatives taking place in the Urban Geology program.



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