​​​​​​​​​As a statutory body, Geological Survey Ireland responds to calls for information and comments on Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR), Planning Applications, and County Development Plans, particularly in relation to roads, wind and solar farms, and quarries, or if a potential development would adversely affect a site of geological importance or groundwater source. We have developed guidelines for local authorities and consultants for the planning of relevant developments.​​

The publicly available data referenced/presented here, should in no way be construed as Geological Survey Ireland support for or objection to a proposed development or plan. The data is made freely available to all and can be used as independent scientific data in assessments, plans or policies. It should be noted that in many cases this data is a baseline or starting point for further site specific assessments.

Planning consultations are coordinated by the Geoheritage Programme at the Geological Survey Ireland.  Please contact​ us for further information.  Planning documents for our consideration may be sent directly to us at GSIPlanning[AT] or to the Corporate Support Unit​ of the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications. 

​Explore the data and maps relevant to spatial planning.

GSI focus on development impacts on ground and subsurface related features.  All developments of this nature are of interest to us but we mainly deal with roads, wind and solar farms, quarries, any development on or close to a County Geological Site​.  The following guidelines may be of use when preparing planning documents. to the European Ground Motion ServiceGeotechnical Society of Ireland and Geological Survey Ireland are co-hosting a free half day course on the European Ground Motion Service (EGMS). The EGMS is a Copernicus Service devoted to the monitoring of land deformation phenomena. 11/09/2023 23:00:00 Du Noyer photographic competitionLaunch of 2023 Du Noyer photographic competition by Geological Survey Ireland and the Irish Geological Association. Closing date is Friday, 29 September. 21/08/2023 23:00:00 Geological Heritage of Cork City14/06/2022 23:00:00 Geological Heritage of County Limerick14/06/2022 23:00:00