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Mineral Exploration, how it's done

The links below provide information on the most common methods of mineral exploration in Ireland and across the world. Mineral exploration is the process of searching for evidence of any mineralisation hosted in the surrounding rocks. The general principle works by extracting pieces of geological information from several places, and extrapolating this over the larger area to develop a geological picture. Exploration works in stages of increasing sophistication, with cheap, cruder methods implemented at the start, and if the resultant information is economically interesting, this warrants the next, more advanced (and expensive) techniques. However, it is very rare to find sufficiently enriched ore bodies, and so most exploration campaigns stop after the first/couple of stages.Exploration pyramid, showing how after the initial desk study research, each subsequent stage becomes less and less likely. To put into numeric context: In Ireland, despite thousands of prospecting licences, only 3 modern examples of mines have opened since the 1960s.