3D Geological Models

3D Geological Models

​​​​​Our 3D geological models are now accessible in an online viewer.  This viewer allows the models to be viewed and interrogated in a browser window with no software or zip file downloads. Google chrome is the most compatible browser with this viewer.

GSI's 3D geological model viewer has many interactive functions, as shown in the video clip below.



The viewer currently displays eleven geological models that were created directly by GSI or in collaboration with iCRAG . This viewer is being maintained and updated as new models are produced from GSI projects or collaborations.

3D geological models are used for many purposes and their applications are growing.  A primary function of these models is the visual communication of the subsurface to geoscientists, professionals from other disciplines, researchers, students and members of the public.

GSI's network with other geological organisations ensures we are aware of industry standards, modelling best practice and emerging trends. GSI is continually developing new 3D models and improving upon existing ones, as new data and software tools emerge.