Hyperspectral Image Analysis

Geological Survey Ireland has a core scanning suite consisting of a Short-Wave Infra-red (SWIR) camera and a Medium-Wave Infra-red (MWIR) camera.

We have over 400km of drill core in our core store and are in the process of scanning all of it. We currently have ~7Tb of data.

A sample dataset consisting of 1 box of core is available to download from the Geological Survey Ireland website

The entire dataset is freely available please contact gsi.corestore[AT]gsi.ie to discuss.

The Geological Mapping Programme is working with the hyperspectral data to demonstrate the potential of hyperspectral core scanning to improve Irish stratigraphy and Irish mineral exploration and potentially improve our geological map products.

We have a project underway to explore the hyperspectral characteristics of the Ballymore-Oakport contact, more details can be found here.

The Geological Mapping Programme is also releasing notebooks which can be worked through with the sample hyperspectral data to demonstrate the techniques we are applying to the hyperspectral data. These notebooks are available on our github page.