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Geoscience Ireland

Geoscience Ireland

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Geoscience Ireland (GI) is a business development cluster comprising 41 companies that deliver the science and engineering needed for minerals, water, environmental and infrastructure developments. 

The collaborative network connects Irish experts to projects, and project partners, in over 70 countries. 

The GI Members provide comprehensive, expert-based expertise in: 
- Water Resource Assessment and Management - Infrastructure Development 
- Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building in Resources Management
- Environment
- Mineral Resource Exploration and Development.

The Geoscience Ireland network connects Irish experts to projects and project partners in over 50 countries. Learn more about projects completed by GI Companies by exploring our Case studies:

- Africa 
- The Americas 
- Europe 
- Asia 
- Oceania​ Economic Sectors Reports includes Natural ResourcesThe 'Focus on Energy, Sustainability & Natural Resources' publication covers activity relating to environmental and natural-resource use, management and protection. Geoscience is a sector which provides knowledge and understanding of earth systems, incl. potential future resources and adaptations needed to support sustainable development.31/08/2020 23:00:00 Short Call 2020Supporting small scale applied, basic or 'blue skies' projects with maximum funding of €30k, apply by 5 October13/08/2020 23:00:00 Ireland - The Formation and Maintenance of a Successful Business Cluster - May 202020/05/2020 23:00:00 City Geo-Environmental Challenges as addressed by Geological Survey Ireland10/07/2019 23:00:00