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The Geoheritage Programme works with local authorities to produce County Geological Heritage Audits, on an ongoing basis. These audits include inventories of County Geological Sites (CGSs), which are the best examples of given geological themes in each county.


To explore county geological site data, please visit the dedicated page.


Audited sites refer to CGSs in those counties which have undergone the County Geological Heritage Audit process, when CGS status is officially conferred. Detailed site visits and boundary definition forms part of this auditing process. Audited sites are marked in pink on our webviewer.

Unaudited sites refer to those sites that have been identified as part of the master candidate list of Geoheritage sites, but within counties that have not yet been audited; the approximate location and a buffer zone are given for these sites for consideration in planning applications. Unaudited sites are marked in blue on our webviewer.

Data can be also downloaded for individual counties.