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County Geological Site of the Month

County Geological Sites (CGSs) are the best examples of geological heritage in each county. They are promoted and protected by specific objectives contained within County Development Plans. CGS status is conferred as part of the County Geological Heritage Audit process.

Ireland is getting close to a national database for geological heritage sites, since 2007 25 counties, including the four Dublin Local authority areas, Cork City and Galway City Local Authority areas have been surveyed. Kerry is the only County remaining unaudited, and the last county to be completed in order to establish a national data set of geological heritage sites.

Each month we showcase an audited county geological site to highlight the diversity and depth of this aspect of our natural heritage.

Below you can find more information of the CGS of this month and previous months.

MonthCGS NameCountyDescriptionSite Report
April 2024

Lady's Island LakeWexfordGeomorphology has a direct influence on this brackish lagoon which is an important habitat for many species of
March 2024

Silver RiverOffaly
Follow the Silver River gorge through the Silurian, Devonian and Carboniferous along this nature traillink