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Geoscience Conference

Geoscience Conference

 The annual Geoscience conference is Geological Survey Ireland's flagship event. It presents an opportunity to learn about what's going on in Irish geoscience, discuss key issues, get updates on survey activity and research, and network within the geoscience sector.

Geoscience 2024 is due to take place on Tuesday, 12 November at the Printworks Conference Centre, Dublin Castle. 

Geoscience 2023 - Geoscience for a Better Future took place on November 7 at the Printworks, Dublin Castle.

Geoscience 2020 - Geoscience for Policy took place online on the mornings of 18 and 19 November.

Geoscience 2019 - Geoscience for Climate Action took place on 5 November in the Aviva Stadium.  

Geoscience 2018 - Meeting the Challenges took place on 6 November.
GSI and invited speakers addressed the topics of water, raw materials, energy, and environment. See programme.
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Geoscience 2017 took place on 7 November. The programme focused on the economic value of the Irish Geoscience sector.
Minister Kyne launched the review compiled by Indecon international Economic Consultants.