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National Heritage Week

National Heritage Week

​National Heritage Week is an educational initiative organised by The Heritage Council to build public awareness of Irish heritage. It aims to promote and encourage the conservation of heritage across Ireland.

The 2018 Heritage Week ran from the 18 to the 26 August and the theme was "Share a story, make a connection". With millions of years of stories to share, Geological Survey Ireland organised a number of events throughout the country. We compiled the 2018 programme of geological events either run by our staff or supported by Geological Survey Ireland.

The 2019 National Heritage Week ran from the 17 to the 25 August and the theme was "Pastimes, Past Times".

The 2020 National Heritage Week ran from the 15 to the 23 August and the theme was "Learning from our Heritage".

The 2021 National Heritage Week will run from the 14 to the 22 August and this year's theme is "Open the Door to Heritage".  The timetable of geoscience events is available here.

Visit the National Heritage Week website for inspiration and see the geology themed events listed.