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Geoscience 2023 - Geoscience for a better future

Geoscience 2023 - Geoscience for a better future


After a three-year hiatus, our annual Geoscience conference took place on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 at the Printworks Conference Centre at Dublin Castle. 

The conference brought together representatives from 14 organisations as well as DECC staff from Geological Survey Ireland and Geoscience Policy division to discuss current progress, data and communication gaps, and future plans under the themes of coastal change, geothermal, groundwater, and minerals. 

There were over 80 academic posters showcasing the research funded or part-funded by Geological Survey Ireland since 2019. Oonagh Buckley, Secretary General, Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC), gave the final address and brought the proceedings to a close for this year.

The theme of this year's conference was Geoscience for a better future.

You can view a list of the posters which were presented using the QR code below:

Details of the sessions which took place were as follows:

Session 1: Coastal Change

Introduction: Xavier Monteys, Geological Survey Ireland

Session Chair: Charise McKeon, Geological Survey Ireland

Panelists: Glenn Nolan, Marine Institute, Patrick Fournet, Met Éireann, ​Niamh Cullen, DCU, ​Kevin Motherway, CARO

Session 2: Geothermal

Introduction: Sarah Blake, Geological Survey Ireland

Session Chair: Siobhán Power, Geological Survey Ireland

Panelists: Mark Geraghty, TU Dublin, Rob Raine, GSNI, ​Ian Devlin, Geoscience Policy Division, DECC, ​Rory Dunphy, Geoserv

Session 3: Groundwater

Introduction: Taly Hunter-Williams, Geological Survey Ireland

Session Chair: Monica Lee, Geological Survey Ireland

Panelists: Barry Deane, National Federation of Group Water Schemes, Conor Quinlan, EPA Climate Services, Ted McCormack, Geological Survey Ireland, Margaret Keegan, Local Authorities Water Programme 

Session 4: Minerals

Introduction: Sophie O’Connor, Geological Survey Ireland

Session Chair: Eoin McGrath, Geological Survey Ireland

Panelists: John Wickham, DHLGH, Ruairi O’Carroll, CDM Smith, Marc Devereux, Wicklow County Council, Andreas Leemann, EMPA, Swiss Federation Research Labs, Mairéad Fitzsimons, Geoscience Policy Division, DECC

Image (Above): All of our introductory speakers, session chairs and panelists. (l-r, t-b) 
Session 1: Xavier Monteys, Geological Survey Ireland; Glenn Nolan, Marine Institute; Kevin Motherway, CARO; Charise McKeon, Geological Survey Ireland; Niamh Cullen, DCU; Patrick Fournet, Met Éireann.
Session 2: Rory Dunphy, Geoserv; Sarah Blake, Geological Survey Ireland; Ian Devlin, Geoscience Policy Division, DECC; Mark Geraghty, TU Dublin; Rob Raine, GSNI; Siobhán Power, Geological Survey Ireland.
Session 3: Ted McCormack, Geological Survey Ireland; Monica Lee, Geological Survey Ireland; Barry Deane, National Federation of Group Water Schemes; Conor Quinlan, EPA Climate Services; Margaret Keegan, Local Authorities Water Programme; Taly Hunter-Williams, Geological Survey Ireland.
Session 4: Eoin McGrath, Geological Survey Ireland; Mairéad Fitzsimons, Geoscience Policy Division; Ruairi O’Carroll, CDM Smith; Andreas Leemann, EMPA, Swiss Federation Research Labs; Marc Devereux, Wicklow County Council; Sophie O’Connor, Geological Survey Ireland; John Wickham, DHLGH.

Image (Above): Our panelists mid-discussion (l-r, t-b): Coastal Change Panel, Geothermal Panel, Groundwater Panel, Minerals Panel.

Image (Above): Introductory speakers (l-r, t-b): Xavier Monteys, Geological Survey Ireland (Coastal Change); Sarah Blake, Geological Survey Ireland (Geothermal); Monica Lee, Geological Survey Ireland (Groundwater); Eoin McGrath, Geological Survey Ireland (Minerals).

Image (Above): Oonagh Buckley, Secretary General, Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) 
& Koen Verbriggen, Director, Geological Survey Ireland.

Image (Above): The Conference hall at Printworks Conference Centre, Dublin Castle.