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Educational Resources

Here you will find the educational resources produced by both Geological Survey Ireland, and collaborations between Geological Survey Ireland and various organisations. We have tried to tailor resources to the Irish curriculum, and those produced in conjunction with GSNI, are also tailored to the curriculum of Northern Ireland.

General Geology

  • 'Rock by Rock: The Story of the Nafooey Valley/ Cloch le Cloch: An scéal an Ghleanna na Fuaiche' - Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark Project, Geological Survey Ireland
    Animated video showing the geological evolution of the Lough Nafooey valley, Co Galway, over the last 500 million years.
    Available in English and Irish.

Geoheritage - Place Names

  • 'Place Names and Geology in the Joyce Country and Western Lakes region' -  Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark Project, JCWL GeoEnterprise, Geological Survey Ireland
    Bilingual booklet focusses on the geological and geomorphological features recorded in place names in Ireland with more specific examples from the region.
    Find the booklet here or here and more information here.

Ice Ages

  • 'Shaping the landscape' - Irish Quaternary Association (IQUA), The Heritage Council, Geological Survey Ireland, Geological Survey Northern Ireland
    Lesson plan focused at 2nd level geography and earth science students and future undergraduates.
    Find the resource here and more information here.
  • 'Joyce Country Under the Ice/ Dúiche Sheoigheach faoin Oighear' - Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark Project, Geological Survey Ireland
    Animated video describing how the Ice Age shaped the mountains and lowlands of the Joyce Country & Western Lakes geopark project region.
    Available in English and Irish.


  • 'The River' - CatchmentCARE (partners include Geological Survey Ireland and Geological Survey Northern Ireland amongst others)
    The first series consists of five episodes which explores the Blackwater River, Counties Monaghan, Tyrone and Armagh.
    Find the episodes here and more information here.