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Publication queries should be directed to our Customer Centre  at 01 678 2896

For all other queries please contact 01 678 2000 

Some of our programmes have dedicated mailing lists and social media accounts due to the nature of our Geoscience work. See below for a full list of staff with contact details. 

If you would like to Ask a Geologist a question, please email the Duty Geologist at Duty.Geologist[AT]

For Planning enquiries or submissions, please email the Planning programme at GSIPlanning[AT]

For Media enquiries, please contact Siobhán Power at Siobhan.Power[AT]

Our main location is at Booterstown Hall. To see the other locations we operate from, please click here.

Our postal address is:

Geological Survey Ireland
Dept. of the Environment, Climate and Communications
Block 1
Booterstown Hall
Co Dublin
A94 N2R6

Mailing list



Geological Survey Ireland

Geological Survey Ireland

Please note that due to the nature of their work, some of our programmes have dedicated mailing lists and social media accounts, listed below along with our full staff list contact details. [AT] stands for @ in email addresses.


NameRoleAreas of expertise​Email addressTelephone
Caroline GreenHead of Administration​​​Administration, Finance, Procurement[AT]​ 01-678 2681​
​Gerald McTiernanHigher Executive Officer​​Finance, Procurement
gerald.mctiernan[AT]​01-678 2950​
​Frank DalyHigher Executive Officer​​Finance, Procurement
frankj.daly[AT]​01-678 2585​
Les FoxExecutive Officer​Finance , Customer Care Centre Citywest[AT] 01-678 2896
​Terry McGuinness​Executive Officer​Finance , GSI fleet​​terry.mcguinness[AT] ​01-678 2815
​Caroline O'Shea​Clerical Officer​Finance​​caroline.oshea[AT] ​01-678 2841
​Garreth Kenny​Clerical Officer​Finance , GSI fleet​​garreth.kenny[AT] ​01-678 2812
​Stephen O'NeillServices Officer​​Reception, Citywest stephen.oneill[AT] ​01-678 2880​


Central Technical Services

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Oisin O'Briain​Lab analyst/Technician​oisin.obriain[AT]
​Core Store, Sandyford​Main Contact​gsi.corestore[AT] 01-294 1227​
Pat O'SullivanContractor                   01-678 2883
​Tony MatersonContractor​​01-678 2883
​Andy Wilson​Contractor​01-678 2883
​Simon Dowling​Contractor​01-678 2883
​Sean Campbell​Contractor​01-678 2883


Drilling Unit
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Ger CottSenior Driller​gerard.cott[AT] 087-718 5774
​Jason Rehill​Driller​jason.rehill[AT]


Geothermal Programme
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Sarah Blake
Senior Geologist​
Geothermal Energy, Groundwater, Karst
01-678 2646​
​Taly Hunter-Williams
​Senior Geologist
​Hydrogeology, Groundwater & Source Protection, Groundwater Resources & Aquifers
​01-678 2780

Geohazards Programme
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Charise McKeonGeologistMarine geology, shipwrecks , landslides/geohazards​charise.mckeon[AT] 01-678 2752

 Geoheritage and Planning Programme

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Planning enquiries/submissions​Main Contact​GSIPlanning[AT]
​Clare GlanvilleHead of Programme​Geoheritage, Planning, Geoparksclare.glanville[AT]​01-678 ​2837
​Trish SmullenGeologist​Planning responses​trish.smullen[AT]​01-678 2781

Geological Mapping
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Geological Mapping InfoMain Contact​GeologicalMappingInfo [AT]​
​Sophie O'Connor​Senior Geologist3D Geological Modelling, Geotechnical Data Applications, Urban Geology​sophie.oconnor[AT] ​01-678 2645
​Markus Pracht​Geologist​Carboniferous, Stratigraphy, Geological Mappingmarkus.pracht[AT] 01-678 2838​
​Silvia Caloca​GeologistCoastal vulnerability, erosionsilvia.caloca[AT] 01-678 2765​
​Beatriz Mozo​Geologist3D Geological Modelling, Geotechnical Data, Urban Geology​beatriz.mozo[AT] 01-678 2795​
​Michael Sheehy​Geologist​Quaternary, Ground Motion, Earth Observationmichael.sheehy[AT] 01-678 2794​
​Russell Rogers​GeologistGeology, Geological Mapping​[AT]gsi.ie01-678 2816​
​John Butler​Clerical OfficerPlanning and geotechnical administration, invoices​john.butler[AT]​01-678 2785

Groundwater and Geothermal Unit

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Groundwater InfoMain Contact​​groundwaterinfo[AT]
Monica LeeHead of Unit​Groundwater Resources, Groundwater Vulnerability , Groundwater Source Protection monica.lee[AT] 01-678 2784
​Taly Hunter Williams​Senior Geologist​Hydrogeology, Groundwater and Source Protection, Groundwater Resources and Aquifers taly.hunterwilliams[AT] ​01-678 2780
​Katie Tedd​Senior Geologist​Hydrogeology, Groundwater Resources, Hydrochemistry katie.tedd[AT]​ 01-678 2647​
​Sarah BlakeSenior Geologist​​Geothermal Energy, Groundwater, Karstsarah.blake[AT] ​01-678 2646
​Ted McCormack​Senior Geologist​Groundwater Flooding, Climate Change, Remote Sensing​ted.mccormack[AT]gsi.ie01-678 2641​
​Caoimhe Hickey​Geologist​Karst and Karst Kydrogeology, Groundwater and Source Protection​​caoimhe.hickey[AT] ​01-678 2811
​Karina O'Donnell​Graduate Geologist​Hydrogeology, geothermal
Coran KellyProject Hydrogeologist /Contractor​Hydrogeologist, ​Groundwater Resources, Groundwater Vulnerability , Groundwater Source Protection
​coran.kelly[AT] 01-678 2644
​Robbie MeehanSubsoils Geologist/​Contractor​Subsoils, Quaternary, geomorphology, karst, hydrogeology 
​​robbie.meehan[AT] ​01-678 2646

​Joe GreeneGeoscientist/Contractor​Hydrogeology, groundwater resources
​​joe.greene[AT] ​01-678 2732

​Joan Campanyà i LlovetResearcher/contractor
Groundwater Flooding, Remote Sensing, Modelling​
joan.campanya[AT]​ 01-678 2671​
Sean Wheeler
Contractor​Geoscientist/ContractorHydrogeology, Hydrochemistry Sean.Wheeler[AT]

Information Programme (Information Management and Technology, Communications, Education, Cartography and Archives)
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Gráinne O'SheaHead of Programme​GIS, Data Management grainne.nishe[AT] 01-678 2764
​Cathal Jordan​GIS officer​Data, Viewers, Downloadscathal.jordan[AT]​01-678 2855​
James TrenchExecutive Engineer james.trench[AT] 01-678 2854
​Sophie PréteseilleGeologist​Website and Information Management, Environmental Impact Assessment sophie.preteseille[AT] ​​01-678 2897
​Siobhán Power​Geologist​Communications, Education, Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark​siobhan.power[AT]​01-678 2760
​Laura Smith
​Contractor​Down to Earth exhibition, website, social media​laura.smith[AT]
​Eddie McMonagleChief Super​Intendent​GIS, Desktop Publishing, Merchandise Procurement eddie.mcmonagle[AT]​ ​01-678 2803
​Gerry FrenchAssistant ​Super​Intendent​gerry.french[AT] ​01-678 2826

Marine and Coastal Unit Programme


Role​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Sean CullenHead of Unit​Hydrography, Vessel Operations sean.cullen[AT] 01-678 2810
​Xavier Monteys​Senior Geologist​Marine Geology, Coastal Processes, Remote Sensing​​xavier.monteys[AT] ​01-678 2807
​Eoin MacCraithSenior Geologist​​Marine Geology, Hydrography, Survey Operations​eoin.maccraith[AT]gsi.ie01-678 2797​
​David Hardy​Geologist​Marine Geophysics, Marine Geology, Hydrography david.hardy[AT] ​01-678 2834
​Charise McKeon​GeologistMarine geology, shipwrecks , landslides/geohazards charise.mckeon[AT] ​01-678 2752
​Charlotte Bennet​Graduate Geologist​charlotte.bennet[AT]
​Louise Marcantonio​Clerical Officer​Accounts, Invoicing louise.marcantonio[AT] ​01-678 2840

​Aileen BohanHydrographer Geologist​Marine Geology, Hydrography, Seabed Mappingaileen.bohan[AT]​
​Felim O'TooleContractor​Hydrographic Surveys, Deep Sea Habitat Mapping, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveys​​felim.otoole[AT]
​Yeray CastillloContractor​​yeray.castillo[AT]
​Jess Murray​Contractor​jess.murray[AT]
​Dan Farrell​Contractor​dan.farrell[AT]
​Kate Hynes​Contractor​kate.hynes[AT]

Minerals Programme

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Eoin McGrathHead of Programme​Minerals, Mining, Raw Materialseoin.mcgrath[AT] ​01-678 2863​
​Sean Connell​Graduate Geologist​sean.connell[AT]
​Des Johnston​Contractor​des.johnston[AT] ​01-678 2852
​Tim WorkmanContractor​tim.workman[AT]​01-678 ​2851

Research Management

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
​Research InformationMain Contact​research[AT] ​01-678 2650​
Aoife BraidenResearch Manager​Research Management aoife.braiden[AT] 01-678 2650
​Ana Luísa LavadoResearch Officer​​Research Managementanaluisa.lavado[AT]​
Senior Management
NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Koen VerbruggenDirector​Geology Management, Marine Geology, Mineral Exploration koen.verbruggen[AT] 01-678 2864
​Ray Scanlon​Principal Geologist​ray.scanlon[AT] ​01-678 2740
​Monica Lee​Principal Geologist​Groundwater Resources, Groundwater Vulnerability , Groundwater Source Protection ​monica.lee[AT] ​01-678 2784
​Sean CullenPrincipal Geologist​​Hydrography, Vessel Operations sean.cullen[AT]​ 01-678 2810

Caroline GreenAssistant Principal[AT] 01-678 2681
Eddie McMonagleChief Super​Intendent​GIS, Desktop Publishing, Merchandise Procurement  eddie.mcmonagle[AT] 01-678 2803

Tellus Programme

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Tellus Freephone Information LineMain Contact tellus[AT] 1800 45 55 65
​James HodgsonHead of Programme​Geophysics, Radon, Geochemistry Operations​ jim.hodgson[AT] ​01-678 2742
​Mairéad FitzsimonsSenior Geologist​Environmental Geoscience, Geochemistry, Soil​ mairead.fitzsimons[AT]​ 01-678 2761​
Rory Selby-Smith
​Graduate Geologist​Tellus
​Victoria Lowe​Geologist / Contractor​Geochemistry​victoria.lowe{AT]

Urban Geology Programme​

NameRole​Areas of expertiseEmail addressTelephone
Sophie O'ConnorSenior Geologist3D Geological Modelling, Geotechnical Data Applications, Urban Geology​ sophie.oconnor[AT] 01-678 2645
​Beatriz MozoGeologist​​3D Geological Modelling, Geotechnical Data, Urban Geologybeatriz.mozo[AT] ​01-678 2795​