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​Wells and Wellbeing – The Hydrogeology of Irish Holy Wells

by Bruce Misstear

Holy wells have been important in Ireland for many centuries (and probably millennia), and continue to be popular sites for local pilgrimages. The aim of this book, is to promote a greater understanding of the sources of water that supply these holy wells, including the chemical composition of the different well waters. It is hoped that this will stimulate the reader’s interest in groundwater topics more generally, including the nature and importance of groundwater to society and the potential links between water quality and human health.

​Karst of Ireland

By David Drew

This is a practical book for both specialists and non-specialists. All chapters contain excellent photos and illustrations to enable the 'mental image' of karstified areas that is needed for effective environmental management.
Wonder Water

by EuroGeoSurveys

The book brings you on a fantastic journey around Europe, showing the different properties of water that vary by country, informing you about several benefits of water on the basis of its body's composition. It describes fantastic places where your body and your mind can be "regenerated", revealing ancient stories and legends which revolve around water and how it has influenced the lifestyle of each location. This book, along with along with other publications by EuroGeoSurveys (Geology at the Table, Cooking Without Borders, Minerals in your life), introduces you to the world of geology, showing its constant presence in our daily life.
Karst, Turloughs and Eskers

By Robert Meehan

County Roscommon has a geologically diverse landscape with many places treasured by both natives and visitors. The bedrock foundation, with hundreds of millions of years in its formation and shaping, and the more recent history of geomorphological processes such as limestone solution and scouring by glaciers, are what has created that underlying geodiversity. Geological understanding is best achieved on the ground at sites where the rocks and landforms are well displayed. County Roscommon has a wealth of such natural and human-influenced sites, particularly or karstic and glacial origins. This book explores them in an accessible way for any reader.

​​​Beneath Our Feet Caves and Limestone scenery of the North of Ireland

Tim and Pamela Fogg
​The Cave and Limestone Scenery of the North of Ireland.

​​​The Caves of Fermanagh & Cavan

By Gareth Ll Jones, Gaby Burns, Tim Fogg and John Kelly
The Caves of Fermanagh & Cavan
​​​This book builds on the first edition of twenty years ago. Its brings together the expertise of speleogists, cartographers, single rope experts, photographers and speleogeneticists, together with contributions by hydrogeologists, bat experts, conservationists and etymologists.
Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Burren

by Michael John Simms

​​The Burren hills and the Gort lowland are among the most extraordinary landscapes in Ireland. Although appearing very different, both owe their character to the same peculiar process, the slow dissolution of limestone by water. The excursion in this new, and extensively revised, edition explain some of the common features and the highlights of this remarkable area. €9