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RMS Lusitania: The Story of a Wreck

RMS Lusitania: The Story of a Wreck


The RMS Lusitania was the largest and fastest ocean-going liner in the world when launched in 1906 – a wonder of the age. Given the dramatic circumstances of its loss in 1915, its fame is second only to that of the RMS Titanic. Much has been written on the history of the ship: it's tragic sinking with great loss of life as well as the mysteries and controversies surrounding the speed of its sinking; whether or not it was carrying contraband goods and its legitimacy as a target of war. This book provides a fresh approach to the story by drawing on new research, a multitude of available sources and state-of-the-art 3D multibeam imagery of the wreck and it documents the 2015 commemorative events marking the centenary of the loss of this once great liner.

Expertise from the INFOMAR Project (Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute of Ireland) in collaboration with the National Monuments Service and the National Museum of Ireland is drawn upon, combined with contributions from independent researchers, divers and a variety of specialists. The book discusses the historical, archaeological and cultural significance of one of the world's most important shipwrecks and the result is a beautifully illustrated book that explores all aspects of the Lusitania story.


Authors: Fionnbarr Moore, Connie Kelleher, Karl Brady, Charise McKeon, Ian Lawlor

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Department of the Culture, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, Department Communications, Climate Action and Environment and Stationery Office Dublin Ireland.

Published: November 2019

Price: €20

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