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Dublin City Geo-Environmental Challenges as addressed by Geological Survey Ireland, Urban Environmental Challenges

Dublin City Geo-Environmental Challenges as addressed by Geological Survey Ireland, Urban Environmental Challenges


Understanding the geological framework is a fundamental component of sustainable development. Developments that fail to adequately accommodate to the underlying geological conditions have the potential to compromise human health and be detrimental to economic and cultural well-being. This is particularly important in urban areas where; the density of development is greatest; exposure potential is high; history of intensive land-use is long and; access to sample and measure heterogeneous geological material is limited. 

Systematic, integrated geoscience data on the urban environment is required for the protection of human health in urban areas, compliance with environmental legislation, land-use planning, brownfield remediation and urban regeneration. 

Geological Survey Ireland produces urban geoscience data informing the areas of topsoil geochemistry and contamination, geological mapping and 3D modelling of ground conditions, and assessing terrain motions as a hazard in the urban environment. 

Topsoil is of particular significance to the quality of urban environments and well-being of inhabitants. Topsoil geochemistry and contamination is mapped in Dublin to in support of Local Area Planning by Dublin Local Authorities.

Construction of city-scale geological models of the subsurface of Dublin provide a geological framework that facilitates informed planning and infrastructural decision making in urban areas.

Integrating remote sensing techniques and geological data to delineate zones of potential and observed terrain motion provide insights into building foundation, basement and tunnelling conditions.   

A perennial challenge for Geological Survey Ireland is to ensure that scientific data and information is delivered to key stakeholders in a format suitable for inclusion in the decision making process in order to enable the sustainable use of natural resources. 

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