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Development of a toolkit to manage AGS data for geotechnical usage TAGS

Development of a toolkit to manage AGS data for geotechnical usage TAGS


​This research has been carried under the Geological Survey Ireland 2017 Short Call. This call provided funding for researchers in academia or industry on the island of Ireland for projects of less than 12 months duration and less than €25,000. 

Please note that the final report has been redacted to remove staff, financial and sensitive information. Some file sizes have been reduced to allow easier uploading/downloading, higher quality files are available on request. Supplemental information is also available on request in most cases. Please contact research[AT]

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in this report are those of the author(s) and not of Geological Survey Ireland or the Department of Climate Action, Communications and Environment.

Lead Applicant: Dr Paul Quigley

Host:  Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions Ltd

Project Title: Development of a Toolkit to Manage AGS Data for Geotechnical Usage (TAGS)

Project Description: The Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists has specified the AGS data format to ensure the reliable transfer of site investigation data between industry organisations. The aim of the AGS data format is to ensure data compatibility between various hardware or operating systems employed by organisations who wish to transfer ground investigation data, laboratory test results, as well as monitoring data. Despite these efforts, there appear to be compatibility issues arising from the use of AGS data within the geotechnical and geoenvironmental sector in Ireland. The Geological Survey of Ireland has identified compatibility issues associated with the use of AGS data when uploading site investigation data to the National Geotechnical Borehole Database. In addition, geotechnical design consultancies have encountered various problems when using AGS data in conjunction with geotechnical management and drafting software. The TAGS project will conduct a desk study to evaluate the incompatibility issues associated with AGS data and to explore a variety  of solutions. In addition, a preliminary toolkit will be developed to process AGS data for use with existing software and the online National Geotechnical Borehole Database. Options for increasing the use of AGS data in Ireland will be explored.