The Geological Survey collaborates with several national and international research groups, agencies and organisations. Our various programmes also carry out research. We provide research funding for geoscientists through a number of mechanisms. This is all supported by our Research roadmap.  

​This section highlights all the research carried out by staff in the Geological Survey.

​Details about current open calls and recently closed calls.

The Research Roadmap is an outline strategy and implementation plan to deliver the Research programme. 



https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/County-Limerick-Geological-Heritage-Audit.aspxCounty Limerick Geological Heritage AuditCounty Limerick Geological Heritage Audit07/08/2022 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/Cork-City-Geological-Heritage-Audit.aspxCounty Geological Heritage Audit of Cork CityCounty Geological Heritage Audit of Cork City03/08/2022 23:00:00



https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/Comparison-of-Tellus-Shallower-and-Deeper-Topsoil-Geochemistry.aspxComparison of Tellus Shallow and Deeper Topsoil Geochemistry12/07/2022 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/The-Geological-Heritage-of-County-Limerick.aspxThe Geological Heritage of County Limerick14/06/2022 23:00:00