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An All-Ireland Quaternary map

An All-Ireland Quaternary map


​This research has been carried under the Geological Survey Ireland 2015 Short Call. This call provided funding for researchers in academia or industry on the island of Ireland for projects of less than 12 months duration and less than €25,000. 

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in this report are those of the author(s) and not of Geological Survey Ireland or the Department of Climate Action, Communications and Environment.

Lead Applicant: Dr Mark Cooper 

Host: Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

Project Title: An All-Ireland Quaternary map

Project Description: This project aims to produce an All-Ireland Quaternary map at 1:500,000 scale using data from the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and the BRITICE project. These will be available as a seamless digital data set composed of 17 sediment types and 4 geomorphological features.