Quaternary 3D Models

Quaternary 3D Models

​Quaternary 3D models of Dublin and Cork

Version 1 (2016)

3D models of the Quaternary in Dublin City and Cork City are now available to download for free.

The models are done with the software named "Subsurface Viewer". It is a Geological Information System (GIS) especially designed for the visualization and analysis of the near-surface geology, http://subsurfaceviewer.com/ssv/ 

To access these 3D models do the following:



  • If you are not sure which Windows version you have, go to "Start", then "Control Panel" and click on the "System" icon. In there, it specifies the Windows version.
  • Then download the Zip file of Dublin or Cork, depending on the model you want to see. The Zip file contains the .SVP file which is the 3D model, a brief explanation of the Quaternary geology of the model and instructions of how to query the model by doing synthetic boreholes and cross section:

              - Dublin City Zip file (18.5Mb)
              - Cork City Zip file (12.8Mb)



  • Open the Subsurface Viewer Reader and load the .SVP file you want to see (Cork or Dublin).

  • To download the 3D PDF of Dublin City, click here (zip file, 8.8Mb)

  • To download the 3D PDF of Cork City, click here (zip file, 7.6Mb)

If you have any query, please contact Beatriz Mozo at beatriz.mozoATgsi.ie , tel 01-678 2795.