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​The GeoERA HOVER project aims to gain understanding of the controls on groundwater quality across Europe using the combined expertise and data held by member states. The project will address groundwater management issues related to drinking water, human and ecosystem health across Europe in relation to both geogenic elements and anthropogenic pollutants by data sharing, technical and scientific exchange between European Geological Survey Organisations.

HOVER stands for Hydrogeological processes and Geological settings over Europe controlling dissolved geogenic and anthropogenic elements in groundwater of relevance to human health and the status of dependent ecosystems.

Work Packages (WP)
WP1Project management and Scientific coordination.
WP2GeoERA Information platform (GIP) and cross thematic coordination, data management and dissemination.
WP3Hydrogeochemistry and health: Mapping groundwater characteristics for the management of aquifers naturally enriched in dissolved elements.
WP4Linking aquifer microbial ecology and diversity to contaminant transforming processes at European groundwater-surface water transition zones.
WP5Nitrate and pesticides transport from soil to groundwater receptors.
WP6Groundwater Age DIStributions and residence times in European aquifers ("GADIS").

Harmonized vulnerability to pollution mapping of the upper aquifer.

WP8Effective monitoring of emerging contaminants: development and validation of new assessment methods.


Pilot areas

The chosen pilot areas for Ireland are...

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As a project partner, Geological Survey Ireland is mainly contributing to