​​​​​​​​​​​​The Groundwater 3D project is a multi-annual government funded project focussed on assisting Geological Survey Ireland meets its policy goals set out in the 2014-2017 Business Plan.  Greater and relevant scientific understanding and information has been reached by the Groundwater 3D project to date through extensive field based geological surveys and data assessments.  New and updated maps, reports and geodatabases have been prepared.  Selected important achievements are outlined as follows: 

  1. Successful field studies on a regional scale have been carried out in Roscommon and in North Cork.  The work provides a greater understanding of the geological and groundwater characteristics that supply important drinking water supplies in these areas, including private, public and group scheme water supplies.
  2. Field based geological surveys on existing, known, and potential sand and gravel bodies have revealed 'new' sand and gravel bodies and aquifers.  The investigations have also enabled greater resolution and geoscientific definition of existing sand and gravel aquifers. 
  3. A national groundwater hydrochemical (geo)database has been prepared, enabling the preparation of a national hydrochemical maps series.  Link tbc
  4. A new spatial database has been built that allows an assessment of the variability and pattern of critical groundwater pathways across the various rock types.  To support this, an online story map has been set up to enable visual communication and education with geoscientists. Link tbc