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https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/RFT-Geologist-Services-for-the-Irish-Construction-Materials-Project.aspxGeologist Services for the Irish Construction Materials Project11/07/2021 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/The-Earth-Surface-Research-Laboratory-a-new-high-tech-laboratory-for-Ireland.aspxEarth Surface Research Laboratory (ESRL) 22/06/2021 23:00:00



https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/Joyce-Country--Western-Lakes-place-names.aspxPlace Names and Geology in the Joyce Country and Western Lakes region - new boolet. 13/04/2021 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/Lithium-in-South.aspxLithium in Southeast Ireland15/03/2021 00:00:00

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