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https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/GSI-Rest-Services-update.aspxNote to Data users and administrators16/08/2018 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/events-and-news/news/Pages/-Radon-hazard-mapping-in-Ireland---Post.aspxRadon hazard mapping in Ireland - Post-doctoral researcher position available16/08/2018 23:00:00



https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/The-Soils-of-Ireland.aspxThe Soils of Ireland27/06/2018 23:00:00
https://www.gsi.ie/ga-ie/publications/Pages/Groundwater-Newsletter-Issue-57-June-2018.aspxGroundwater Newsletter Issue 57 June 201818/06/2018 23:00:00

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