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Tellus Geochemical Data Available | February 2021

Tellus Geochemical Data Available | February 2021


Geological Survey Ireland's Tellus programme, is pleased to release two geochemical datasets: (1) Lithogeochemistry which was collected from 1972 to 1984 and (2) Lithium data which was collected from 1986-1990 and re-analysed by Tellus in 2014-2015.

1. Lithogeochemistry:

This release includes data for 518 rock samples collected in southeast Ireland from 1972 to 1994. These rock samples were tested using different methods to provide data on the chemistry of the rocks. The chemical data can be used to improve knowledge of the nature and source of the rocks that form the bedrock of southeast Ireland. For more information and to download the data/report click here.

2. Lithium:

Stream sediment samples were collected in the southeast of Ireland from 1986 to 1990 as part of a baseline geochemical survey, which measured the amount and type of chemicals in the stream sediments. The samples were tested for lithium and 37 other chemicals. Lithium is a “critical” element in the European Union, which means it is of high importance to the economy and there is a high risk to its supply. Lithium is also very important as it is used in making batteries for electric cars. Because of this, the original lithium data have been compiled into a new database. For more information and to download the data/report click here.