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International Geodiversity Day | 6th October

International Geodiversity Day | 6th October


We are thrilled to share that, from 2022, 6th October will be the International Geodiversity Day! Established by the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference, International Geodiversity Day has been endorsed by a wide breadth of international and national organisations, including the Geological Survey Ireland, and looks to raise awareness of geodiversity's role in the world around us.


Geodiversity can be described as all the parts of nature that aren't alive. This includes the Earth's minerals, rocks, fossils, soils, sediments, landforms, topography, geological and morphogenetic processes, and hydrological features such as rivers and lakes. These features play a vital role in supporting biodiversity, but also provide numerous benefits to the societies and people living alongside them.


Geodiversity provides natural resources for society, and facilitates agriculture. Its landscapes inspire art, support tourism, and strengthen healthy living. The individual components of geodiversity are records of earth history, informing our approaches to climate change and geohazard risk. With the advent of the International Geodiversity Day, there is the opportunity to explore these themes in our communities, and raise awareness of the importance of geodiversity in the public and with policy-makers.


International Geodiversity Day will bring together people, communities, organisations and countries across the world. Coordinated activities are expected to include educational, awareness raising, and public and policy engagement activities. The website has more information regarding the International Geodiversity Day, and the new social media feeds will let you stay up to date with plans for the 6th October:


Stay tuned for more updates!