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Eoin McGrath Talks Lithium Exploration on The Hard Shoulder

Eoin McGrath Talks Lithium Exploration on The Hard Shoulder


In January 2022, Head of the Mineral Programme, Eoin McGrath spoke with Kieran Cuddihy on The Hard Shoulder produced by NewsTalk.

The show aired on the 18th of January 2022 and you can listen to the show on the GoLoud Player by clicking HERE. The section about lithium exploration begins from 1:33:50 and ends at 1:45:00.

Note: The GoLoud website works best via Google Chrome. Press the play button and then the "X" to the right in order to be able to navigate through the Podcast, or you can download their app.

Description of the piece:

A community along the Carlow/Wicklow border are protesting against proposals to mine for lithium in the area. A company backed by a Chinese industrial giant is prospecting for lithium across Carlow and Wicklow. They have recently submitted a renewal application to the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications to prospect for Lithium in over 150 Townlands over a 50km stretch of south and east Carlow and Co Wicklow. The area stretches from Borris in Carlow to Stranakelly in Co Wicklow. However locals in the area have concerns about the impact lithium mining could have on the environment and the local landscape.
Barry Whyte reports.