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Du Noyer Photo Competition 2018 Winners

Du Noyer Photo Competition 2018 Winners


​The winners of the Du Noyer Photo Competition 2018 as a follow:

Winner 2018 Fani Papageorgiou. 

Sea cliffs of 395 million year old Devonian Period purple and green mudstone and siltstone at Faill na gCaorach, near Portmagee, Co. Kerry.


2nd place Kieran Russell.

Coastal erosion of the 460 million year old Ordovician Period underwater explosive volcanics near Kilfarrasy beach, Copper Coast UNESCO Global Geopark, Co. Waterford.


3rd place Gosia Shaikh-Horajksa.

A mushroom rock carved from 340 million year old Carboniferous Period limestone on Barrow strand, near Fenit, Co Kerry.


Overseas Winner Cecelia Gavigan.

Eroded sandstone pillars (hoodoos) in Drumheller Badlands, Alberta, Canada.

Congratulations to all! 

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