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2021 Du Noyer Photographic Competition

2021 Du Noyer Photographic Competition


The winners of the 2021 Du Noyer Irish Geological Association/Geological Survey Ireland Photographic Competition were announced in Geological Survey Ireland on 17 December 2021.

Irish section:

1st - Michael Gavin, Kerry Cliffs, Co Kerry

2nd - Gosia Horajska, Barrow, Co Kerry

3rd - Catherine Bushe, Mizen Head, Co Cork

Overseas section:

Winner - Mark Stewart, Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway

​1st Place - Michael Gavin - Kerry Cliffs - Co Kerry.

Purple mudstone and siltstone of the Valentia Slate Formation. Deposited in the Middle Devonian Period (393 to 383 million years ago).

2nd Place - Gosia Horajska - ​Barrow - Co Kerry.

Nautiloid fossil in Waulsortian Limestone Formation. This creature was swimming in warm shallow seas while Ireland was in the tropics during the Lower Carboniferous (359 -330 Ma).

​3rd Place - Catherine Bushe - Mizen Head, Co Cork.

Folded layers of sandstone and mudstone from the Toe Head Formation, deposited in the Upper Devonian period (383-359 million years).

Overseas winner -  Mark Stewart - Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway.

Lofoten island, part of the Caledonian Western Gneiss Region of Norway.

A story map of all the winning images in the Irish section are at Du Noyer winner story map .