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PIP Geoscience Placement Programme

PIP Geoscience Placement Programme


​Ireland is attracting international talent to engage in applied geoscience studies and geoscience research. The Petroleum Infrastructure Programme (PIP) is benefitting from the world class geoscience research that is being applied to societal issues in an Irish context. This programme will fund Geoscience Placements (3 to 11 months) in organisations that are members of the PIP. There are currently seventeen member organisations that can offer positions, mainly in oil and gas exploration related activities but also government geoscience interpretation, data management and regulation. The main objectives of the Geoscience Placement Programme are to i) provide practical on the job experience to geoscience graduates/researchers to enhance their chance of employment on graduation and ii) transfer research insights developed to industry/regulator to accelerate innovation.

As part of the Geoscience Placement Programme, two PIP member companies are offering (more than 2) positions based in Dublin and London. Candidates will be involved in numerous activities related to petroleum exploration including seismic interpretation, well log analysis, offshore operations assessment, data management, petroleum research, communications/outreach, etc. There will be a good spread of geology, geophysical and database related projects.

To be eligible, candidates must have an M.Sc. degree in a Geoscience subject and/or have completed some level of post graduate research. The placements will be for a maximum of 11 months duration commencing in October 2019. A progress report after 3 months in the placement prepared by the candidate, must be to the satisfaction of the mentor, for the placement to continue in the placement programme. Candidates must be eligible to work in Dublin and/or London.

We invite candidates to apply to the Geoscience Placement Programme by submitting your CV and Personal Statements to the PIP Secretariat (  cc: ) by 5pm on 1 July 2019. Personal statements should include details as to why the candidate is seeking the placement, relevant qualifications, expertise and relevant experience, knowledge of Irish Offshore geology and basins and communications skills. Please indicate your eligibility to work in either or both locations.

Successful candidates can expect to receive offers by mid-August (following interviews of shortlisted candidates in late-July), for positions commencing in October 2019.

Please contact Nick O'Neill ( ) if you have any queries.

Geoscience Placement Programme Call Advert (PDF)

Further information about the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme, see website.