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New Flood Mapping Research Paper

New Flood Mapping Research Paper


​A new research paper on the topic of flood mapping using satellite imagery has been released in the Journal Remote Sensing of Environment.  This research paper, carried out through a collaboration between Geological Survey Ireland and South East Technological University Carlow, describes a methodology for mapping flooding using Satellite imagery. The paper is available here.

The research follows on from the 2016-2019 GWFlood project which produced a national maximum historic flood map. Now, though this new work Geological Survey Ireland has made available a series of flood maps for each year between 2016 and 2021 (the 2022 map will be available soon). The maps are available to view here and download here.

The mapping process described in the paper enables, for the first time, the inter-annual comparison of flood extent at gauged and ungauged sites at a national scale in Ireland. The maps, and the procedure to develop them, will be a valuable tool for flood management, particularly in the context of  climate change and the likely increased frequency of flood events in the future.