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INFOMAR supports offshore renewables in Ireland

INFOMAR supports offshore renewables in Ireland


 ​INFOMAR is the Department of Communications Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE) funded national seabed mapping programme jointly managed by Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute.

The programme is an important source of accurate information on seafloor conditions for Ireland's marine territory. This knowledge is of crucial importance for the development of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) in Ireland as it provides a unique source of data and knowledge forming a reliable baseline and reference for key activities in the sector, including preliminary assessment of seafloor conditions for site selection reducing the risk of costs associated with lost projects.

Completion of the INFOMAR seabed mapping programme by the end of 2026 to support site selection and technology demonstration for ORE is listed under Action 26 of DCCAE's Climate Action Plan.

Key ORE related applications which may benefit from INFOMAR’s extensive data resource at the present development stage include; Development and Consenting Services, Environmental Studies, Resource and Metocean studies, Geological and Hydrological constraint mapping, Engineering and Consultancy Services.

In the years ahead the INFOMAR programme will continue to generate and disseminate data and products in support of the emerging ORE sector as it continues its mission to map Ireland’s marine territory supporting the sustainable development of Ireland’s Marine Resource.

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