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GDG Appointed by Simply Blue Energy to Support Emerald project

GDG Appointed by Simply Blue Energy to Support Emerald project


​Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG), has been appointed by Simply Blue Energy (SBE) to provide development support services with respect to their Emerald project, a floating wind farm in the Celtic Sea. This development project will be delivered as a staged development of circa 1GW of capacity. Simply Blue Energy (SBE) are a progressive and innovative development company focused on delivering state of the art innovative projects in Ireland and the UK.

GDG have been commissioned to provide both technical and consenting support during the foreshore licence process, providing a MetOcean Assessment, conduct a landfall suitability assessment study and to provide Geophysical processing of INFOMAR data on the array area.

GDG has a team of expert offshore and marine engineers, the vast majority of which are PhD qualified with specialist subjects including consenting, marine planning, offshore site investigation analysis, offshore risk mapping, wind turbine substructure design, marine geotechnics, geophysical integration, multi-layer GIS analysis and marine operations. Our team have contributed to the successful delivery of many offshore wind farms around the world, including projects with difficult ground conditions, variable bathymetry, and a wide range of hazards (including archaeological shipwrecks and UXOs). GDG have provided technical support to both fixed bottom and floating projects.

Having been involved in all phases of European offshore wind projects from early stage site selection through to construction and maintenance planning, GDG are very aware of the scale of the projects and associated investment. We have worked hand in hand with the major European offshore wind farm developers and have supported them in taking projects from concept through to realisation. Our objective is to add as much value to a project as possible within a set timeframe for the lowest possible cost. This ensures that the developers can then take advantage of the project position with either (a) a more competitive project when competing for subsidy (RESS); or (b) by developing a more saleable asset to external investors.

GDG has extensive experience liaising with Government bodies and is well placed to support the application through the public and prescribed body consultation


Gavin and Doherty Geosolutions (GDG) is a specialist engineering consultancy, which was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2011 and has since grown to a team of over 75 staff. From offices throughout Ireland and the UK, GDG service international offshore and marine engineering projects. GDG works with developers, contractors and other consultants to help mitigate project risks and optimise the design and engineering. GDG has a highly qualified team of experts with more than half of the technical staff being PhD qualified in specialist areas of offshore analysis and design.

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