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Fraser Institute: Ireland’s Policy Perception Index score increase

Fraser Institute: Ireland’s Policy Perception Index score increase


​In its annual survey of mining companies, the Fraser Institute reported Ireland's Policy Perception Index score increase by 3 points and its position in the Policy Ranking remains in the top 5 (4th) of the 77 jurisdictions surveyed.

The Fraser Institute (link) surveys mining companies around the world based on their geologic attractiveness and government policies. Ireland is joined by Finland, Nevada, and Saskatchewan as having ranked consistently in the global top 10 over the last eight surveys; Ireland and Finland are the two countries which have consistently ranked in the PPI top 10 every year over the last nine years.

Both Ireland and Northern Ireland are ranked in the top five for Investment Attractiveness and Best Practices Mineral Potential Index in Europe (3rd and 4th respectively in both indices).

One consulting company operating in Ireland noted "The government is currently carrying out regional geophysical surveys and is actively working with exploration companies to fast track areas of interest". Geological Survey Ireland's Tellus programme is a national programme to gather geochemical and geophysical data across Ireland and published lithium and lithogeochemistry this week (link). The Fraser Institute ranked Ireland 2nd for its Geological Databases and Availability of Labor/ Skills.

Team Ireland will be participating at the virtual PDAC show this March 8-10th; the annual 'Ireland Day' will occur on Monday 8th at 16:30 EST (21:30 GMT). For more information please visit: Ireland at PDAC