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Cork City Geological Heritage Audit

Cork City Geological Heritage Audit


The Geoheritage Programme is pleased to announce the recently completed County Geological Sites audit of Cork City carried out by Erin Leahy, Clare Glanville and Brian McConnell.


Cork City is synonymous for its architectural geological heritage, providing a foundation of interest for tourists and local cultural identity. In 2019 Cork City underwent the largest boundary extension in its history that saw it grow five times its previous size, resulting in the inclusion of geological heritage sites previously outside its territory. The support for the geological heritage audit from Cork City Council is critical in raising the profiles of geological heritage sites while also maximising its potential, since some sites may be overlooked in favour of cultural heritage or biodiversity.


The Audit documents what are currently understood by the Irish Geological Heritage Programme of Geological Survey Ireland to be the most important sites within Cork City. It identifies them as County Geological Sites (CGS) for their recommended inclusion within the County Development Plan (CDP) and County Heritage Plan. The audit provides a more detailed study of the sites to replace a provisional listing based on desk study which was adopted in the 2013-2019 CDP. The report can be accessed here.


Data and Maps Update


The geological heritage data for Cork City and all other audited counties has now been updated on Geological Survey Ireland's web viewer in our Data and Maps section. Individual County Geological Sites (CGS) are mapped and the associated site reports can be downloaded directly."