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Annual INFOMAR Seminar in Dingle to focus on the role of seabed mapping in coastal communities

Annual INFOMAR Seminar in Dingle to focus on the role of seabed mapping in coastal communities


Seafloor, Shipwrecks and Science at the annual INFOMAR seminar in Dingle, 16 and 17 October

The annual INFOMAR Seminar is a celebration of the year's work by Ireland's national seabed mapping programme. INFOMAR is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and is jointly managed and operated by Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute.

Attendees at the seminar, which will be held in Dingle, Co Kerry, on 16 and 17 October, will be among the first to see details of more than 8,500 km^2 of seafloor mapped, over 20 shipwrecks surveyed, and new 3D visuals of the coastal landscapes developed during the 2019 survey season. 

The event will focus on Irish seabed mapping activities related to marine science, biodiversity, heritage and tourism in coastal communities. The event will feature an exciting line-up of experts presenting on; shipwreck mapping and archaeology, ocean literacy, marine ecology, ocean energy and infrastructure, as well as submerged and coastal landscapes and the connection between marine tourism and Fáilte Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

Koen Verbruggen, Director of Geological Survey Ireland stated; "The INFOMAR seabed mapping programme continues to create significant positive impact at national, European and international levels, however this year's annual conference in Dingle, Co Kerry, reflects INFOMAR's prioritisation of engagement with local maritime communities who remain key stakeholders in Ireland's national seabed mapping programme."

"Ireland is an exemplar internationally in demonstrating best practice in ocean governance, through mapping, observing, predicting and managing our marine territory and resources. Connecting society with the value and importance of our ocean wealth is critical if we are to address today's challenges, including climate change and population growth" said Dr. Peter Heffernan, CEO, Marine Institute.

Minister Canney stated; "INFOMAR, Ireland's internationally renowned seabed mapping programme is an impressive example of inter-agency cooperation within the Government of Ireland. By holding its annual seminar event in Dingle Co. Kerry, I'm delighted to see the programme engage with its stakeholders at a local level, conveying its role in supporting the development of industry, research, heritage and tourism within coastal maritime communities".

The INFOMAR Seminar will take place in the Dingle Skellig Hotel on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 October 2019. The event will include a special commemoration of the achievements of the Irish Baselines Project, and a live cast to MAREANO, the Norwegian marine mapping programme.  Norway has just announced a new coastal mapping programme similar to INFOMAR which will complement the offshore activities of MAREANO. The event will conclude with a behind the scenes visit to Dingle OceanWorld Aquarium and to one of Ireland's State research vessels, the RV Keary.

The event is open to all members of the public and interested people should register through the INFOMAR website

Notes to the Editor

INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland's Marine Resource) is Ireland's national seabed mapping programme, funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) and jointly managed by Geological Survey Ireland and Marine Institute. INFOMAR is tasked with fully mapping Ireland's territorial waters for the sustainable development of Ireland's marine resource. INFOMAR will continue to end 2026, enabling effective management and accelerated growth to support Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth.

Geological Survey Ireland is Ireland's national public earth science knowledge centre and is a division of the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment. It is committed to providing free, open and accurate data and maps on Ireland's geology to landowners, the public, industry, and all other stakeholders, within Ireland and internationally. It deals with a diverse array of topics including bedrock, groundwater, seabed mapping, natural disasters, and public health risks. Founded in 1845, Geological Survey Ireland will be celebration 175 years in 2020.

Marine Institute is responsible for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland. As an agency within the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine it carries out environmental, fisheries, and aquaculture surveys and monitoring programmes to meet Ireland's national and international legal requirements. It provides scientific and technical advice to Government to help inform policy and to support the sustainable development of Ireland's marine resource. It aims to safeguard Ireland's unique marine heritage through research and environmental monitoring, supporting the development of Ireland's maritime economy.