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IGA Workshop: Experience the ancient craft of silversmithing with Tina Keating

IGA Workshop: Experience the ancient craft of silversmithing with Tina Keating

IGA Workshop
07/04/2018 10:00
07/04/2018 16:00
Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore, Co. Waterford
Coastguard Centre, Tramore

To register, please contact Maria on 087-3644645 or as soon as possible to secure a place.

See map below for location.

How to attend:

When is it? 
Saturday, 7th April from 10am-4pm

Where is the venue? 

The truly inspirational Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore, Co. Waterford:

Why should you go?

Have you ever thought about what it's like to work with the minerals and metals that we study? Have you thought you would like to set a stone or crystal as a piece of jewellery or to craft some metal into a piece of sculpture? Maybe you have an idea for a gift or would like a taster before committing to a long course in jewellery making? Perhaps you've waited for a real geologist to teach a silversmithing course, someone with great ability, who really understands the stories behind the substances! Wait no longer, this course is for you! Take this glittering opportunity. Sign up today! Make happy memories and a piece to bring home. This could be the start of a new appreciation and the creation of an artistic outlet from your love of geology, metals, minerals, fossils, stones!

How much is this course?
Cost for training and materials: €55 per person (min. age 12 years).
Materials are provided.  However, participants are encouraged to bring along a small item to set, such as a stone, mineral or tiny fossil.

How do I book?
Please contact Maria on 087-3644645 or as soon as possible to secure a place.

Additional information:
Lunch and refreshments will be available on site at modest charge.

About our excellent course teacher:
Tina is a native of Co. Waterford and a graduate of NUI Cork.   She is a Geologist, Heritage Specialist for the Heritage In Schools scheme, a Goldsmith and Gemmologist with over 30 years' experience in the Jewellery trade and spent many years designing and handcrafting jewellery using a variety of precious metals and gemstones.

The Jump from what was originally an artistic career – (having initially studied Art in WIT) to a scientific one can be attributed to the introduction to gemstones as part of her goldsmith apprenticeship. She has been Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain for over 24 years, having graduated from BDS school of Gemmology; Regent's College London 1993.  Tina's interest in geology stems from her work in mineralogy and encouraged the pursuit of further studies with a full time Geology Degree in NUI Cork.

During her eight years as geologist with the Copper Coast Geopark she built up a successful Education and Activities Programme, introducing our natural, cultural and built heritage to the public, achieved through fieldtrips, lectures, family events, workshops and school visits. Work she now continues independently and through the 'Heritage in Schools Scheme'.

To date, she successfully combines her work in the jewellery profession and her work as a geologist which is mainly involved in education.  Tina's artistic and scientific backgrounds are a great asset to her work in schools education and in increasing public understanding of Earth Science.