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'Mineral Extraction and Communities'

'Mineral Extraction and Communities'

'Mineral Extraction and Communities'
16/02/2021 14:00
16/02/2021 15:00

Slides are will be available on the iCRAG website

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​Regulation of the mining sector; mining and local communities in the context of Latin America and Africa

  • Social justice and sustainability: the challenge of social acceptance and license
  • The importance of governance: Regulation and oversight of mining operations
  • Case studies and best practices

Dr. Rajiv Maher, Research Professor, EGADE Business School del Technológico de Monterrey, Mexico.

Dr. Melba Kapesa Wasunna, External Affairs Manager, Base Titanium Ltd., Kenya.

Minerals and other Earth materials are a key component in the development of a sustainable global society, providing essential raw materials for technologies and economic growth while respecting the natural world. This programme of lectures, designed for a global audience, will provide diverse perspectives on Earth materials and their role in society. Leading natural scientists, social scientists, and educators will look at how Earth materials are critical to a sustainable future and how the minerals sector, adhering to best practices, can contribute to society in a socially and environmentally positive way.

The lectures will be delivered in webinar format by recognized global experts who will frame their presentations in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Series will boost knowledge of Earth materials and contribute to better informed local, regional, and international discussions. The lectures will be freely accessible and will be archived for later online access.

The Lecture Series is sponsored by UNESCO, the only United Nations organization with a mandate to support research and capacity building in the Earth Sciences. The Series supports the vision of UNESCO's International Geoscience Programme for efficient, safe, sustainable and renewable natural resources exploration and extraction.

  • UNESCO is the only United Nations organization with a mandate to support research and capacity building in the Earth Sciences.
  • The UNESCO International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) serves as a knowledge hub of UNESCO to facilitate international scientific cooperation in the geosciences.
  • The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) encourages international co-operation and participation in the Earth Sciences in relation to human welfare.
  • iCRAG, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Applied Geosciences, is a team of researchers creating solutions for a sustainable society.