Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020
08/11/2020 00:00
15/11/2020 00:00

Find out more about our Graduate Geologists!

How to attend:

As part of Science Week 2020 'Choosing our future' which focusses on how science can improve our lives in the future and in the present, Geological Survey Ireland is producing fact files on this year's Graduate Geologists. 

Read more about what they do by clicking on the links below:

Connor Small, Geological Mapping Graduate Geologist

Ross Mowbray, Groundwater Graduate Geologist 

Michelle Gaffney, Marine and Coastal Unit Graduate Geologist

Trish Smullen, Geoheritage Graduate Geologist

James Symons, Tellus Graduate Geologist

Ed Bunker, Minerals Graduate Geologist


If you have any questions on pursuing geosciences as a career, see our Contact Us page to ask us a question.

For more information about Science Week, visit the website.