IGRM 2022

IGRM 2022

Irish Geological Research Meeting 2022
25/02/2022 14:00
25/02/2022 16:30
Online event
 Online event

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How to attend:

​Queens University Belfast will host an afternoon of guest speakers to mark the 2022 65th IGRM - fingers crossed 2023 will be a normal in-person event! The 2022 meeting will be online on Friday Februray 25th, 2pm-5.30pm. The session will include some fascinating talks from invited speakers (more information coming soon) plus some rapid fire introductions to posters which will accompany the online session.

The posters will be hosted on the GSI website and students are strongly encouraged to submit their work - there will be prizes for the best posters.

Abstracts for posters should be submitted to research@gsi.ie with the subject IGRM 2022 in the subject line.

The following information must be included in the email body:

  • Poster title
  • Authors
  • Author Affilliations
  • Abstract (<200 words)
Deadline for abstracts is Feb 16th.

Posters will be accepted up to midnight on February 22nd at the latest. Posters should be a pdf file and no larger than 7MB.

There will be poster prizes for the best student poster sponsored by the Irish Geological Association, elegible posters are marked with * below.

Poster Prize Winners

​1st ​Adrienn Maria Szucs
​Joint 2nd​Vincent Monchal
Joint 2nd​Roberto Pantoja Porro
​​3rdLi Zhang

Development and physical characteristics of a shallow Holocene shelf-edge cold-water coral mound in the Porcupine Seabight, NE Atlantic 
Krueger, Erica T.; Vincent Mouchi; Xavier Monteys; Stephen McCarron; Quentin G. Crowley
​The RAFTA Project: Resolution Analyses for Frequency- and Time-Domain Airborne Electromagnetic Data of the Irish Tellus ProgrammeBayat, Somaye; Duygu Kiyan; Volker Rath and Mark Muller
Hikurangi Subduction Margin stress state: insights from borehole image and geophysical logs
Behboudi, E.; D.D McNamara; I. Lokmer​*
Mapping, Monitoring, Forecasting and Assessing the Impact of Climate Change in Groundwater Systems in Ireland
Campanyà, Joan; Ted McCormack; Damien Doherty; Philip Schuler; Monika Kabza; Sonja Masterson; Owen Naughton
Expansion of the Irish National Seismic Network - Planning, Site-Testing and Installation of Real-Time Seismic Stations
Grannell, J. R.; M. Möllhoff; D. Craig; L. Collins; C. Horan; P. Grange and C. J. Bean
Resources for a Sustainable Future
Prediction of Irish Coastal Transformations
Kelleher, Brian
Geothermal Study of Ireland: DIG Project
Duygu Kiyan; Emma L. Chambers; Brian O’Reilly; Meysam Rezaeifar; Gaurav Tomar; Tao Ye; Javier Fullea
Leaf fragments as a potential paleo-pHg proxy?
Kovács, E. B.; J. McElwain and M. Ruhl
Strain Fabric Partitioning in Granitoid Intrusions: A Magnetic study on the Late Caledonian Fanad Pluton, NW Ireland

Latimer, ​Ben; William McCarthy; John Reavy​*
​Project SEA-SEIS: Preliminary resultsLebedev, ​Sergei; Janneke I. de Laat; Raffaele Bonadio; Christopher J. Bean; Brian M. O’Reilly and the SEA-SEIS Team
​The Evolution of Ireland's Physical Landscape County DonegalMac Giolla Chomhghaill, ​Aindí; Katelyn Maher;
Mia Nic Daibhéid; Thomas James Walsh
​Geospatial spatial analysis of beach dune evolution from Blackwater to Wexford Bay, Co. Wexford using Geophysical and remote sensing approachesSojan, ​Mathew; Colman Gallagher; Xavier Pellicer; Xavier Monteys
​U-Pb calcite direct dating by LA-ICP-MS mapping to unravel shallow crustal deformation histories​Monchal, V.; K.Drost and D.Chew​*
​Examining landscape evolution during the final deglaciation of the Cairngorms, NE Scotland O'Brien, ​Cormac; Sam Kelley; Graeme Warren; Elyeah Schweikert; Alice Doughty
​BIM integrated geohazard monitoring of at risk sloped and historical retaining structuresPantoja Porro, ​Roberto, Michael O´Shea​*
​Offshore bedrock mapping: Applications for regional outcrop mapping on the Irish Continental MarginRecouvreur, Audrey; Andrew J. Wheeler; Ruaihri Strachan; Patrick A. Meere; Richard P. Unitt and Aaron Lim
​Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulphur Export to Irish Rivers During a Winter FloodSmith, Devin F.; P. L. Croot; W. B. Lyons; S. A. Welch; T. Henry, and A. E. Carey ​*
​Replacement of dolomite and aragonite by rare earth carbonates; the formation of bastnäsite. Szucs, Adrienn Maria; Melanie Maddin and Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco​*
​Real-time condition assessment of a painted megalithic cave using WSNWang, Chao; Alice Tavares; Jorge Fonseca; Zili Li.​*
​Latitudinal Changes in Climate Belts and Humidity in Response to Greenhouse Warming During the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic EventWang, Yan; Micha Ruhl; Jian Cao​*
Stonebuilt Ireland: recording sources and use of decorative and dimension stone Jackson, Patrick Wyse; Louise Caulfield and Úna Farrell
​SIMS Pb-Pb dating of phosphates in the Proterozoic strata of SE North China Craton: Constraints on eukaryote evolutionZhang, Shuijing; Rong Cao; Zhongwu Lan; Zhensheng Li; Zhuoya Zhao; Bin Wan; Chengguo Guan; Xunlai Yuan​*
​Machine-learning based morphological analyses on leaf epidermal cells of Ginkgo biloba L. and their implications for palaeoclimate studies ​Zhang, Li; Yongdong Wang; Micha Ruhl; Yuanyuan Xu; Yanbin Zhu; Pengcheng An and Defei Yan  ​*
Real time monitoring of landslides using remote sensing approachesLennon, Donal; Linh Truong-Hong; Sojan Mathew
Storm-Induced Shoreline Change in Brandon Bay – Filling in the GapsEgon, Andi; Siegmund Nuyts;  Eugene Farrell; Gregorio Iglesias; Sheena Fennell; Stephen Nash
​Constraining the deglaciation of the Burren, Co. Clare; setting the stage for Ireland’s dustbowl
Bunce, Colin; Gordon Bromley; Marta Cabello; Martin Nauton-Forteau; Shane Tyrell; David Chew
​Assessing the potential of Holocene shellbeds in Galway Bay as palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimate archivesHealy, Rachel; Patrick J. Orr; Sara Benetti; Aggeliki Georgiopoulou; AnnA M. Holmes

Critical metals in the Irish Zn-Pb ores and tailings: A geochemical and mineralogical viewZhou, Lingli; Murray Hitzman; Steven P. Hollis; Foteini Drakoub; Sean McClenaghan; John Güven; Paul Guyette; Maurice Brodbeck